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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Well hello there everyone...It's Sisie here, I can't believe that my last post was dated in October (How time flies). My intention for this blog is to give me motivation to stay creative in the area of Photography, i would like to post my work regularly as well as documenting my life in photographs to start collecting memories. Last year was one of my busy year, i had photo shoot every week and i didn't even get to post a lot of my work from last year :(, and the beginning of the year, my husband josh and I were gone for almost a month!! we went to Indonesia. It was so..good to be able to visit my home country again and this time i got to bring my Husband, we had a great time and adventure to remember for years to come and of course we took A Lots of photos, and I promise i will post our adventure here soon...don't worry :).

There is something about 2014 that brings such an excitement to me, as a photographer, there are new things i want to try, change, and advance! I'm excited to explore the new realm of creativity and can't wait to see all of them unfold on this Blog!

With Love

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